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Number of Facebook users in your city

Delhi has the highest active Facebook users in India at 5.12 crore, followed by Bangalore at over 3 crore. We give you a list of active Facebook users in India.

India is home to nearly a billion active Facebook users. In addition to this, we are among the top countries where Facebook usage is at the peak. The Indian youth constitute a major chunk of the nearly 1 billion active Facebook users in India.

Since we are speaking about the active Facebook users in India, we are sure that you would be curious to know the statewide number of Facebook users. As it is really difficult to give you the exact number of Facebook users in each and every state (since the number keeps on varying due to deletion/in active accounts in smaller towns), we have compiled a list of users in some of the major Indian cities. The numbers are expected to increase tremendously in the days to follow.

Here goes the list of the active Facebook users in some major Indian cities:

1) Delhi: 5,123,180
2) Chennai: 2,195,760
3) Bangalore: 3,076,260
4) Hyderabad: 2,284,340
5) Pune: 1,1913,640
6) Kolkata: 1,591,120
7) Ahmedabad: 892,560
8) Chandigarh: 670,500
9) Lucknow: 608,120
10) Surat: 508,360
11) Indore: 503,020
12) Nagpur: 423,080
13) Bhopal: 423,000
14) Thiruvananthapuram: 288,160
15) Guwahati: 248,860
16) Rajkot: 241,500

July 2012