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Joshi's Museum of Miniature Railways

Built in 1991, Joshi’s Museum of Miniature Railways was opened to public on 1st April, 1998. The museum was the dream project of Shree B.S Joshi, lovingly known as Bhau. The museum has been designed to look like a small city specially to make the miniature models look real.

Pataleshwar Temples

Bhau, as a child, had a hobby of collecting miniature train models and was also well known for his Diwali killas (clay forts built by kids during the festive season in Maharashtra). Joshi made his forts look real by incorporating moving objects in its design using pulleys and strings. In the succeeding years, he took the same concept forward for building his miniature railway models. This led to the creation of the first prototype of the city and mobile railway models which was very impressive yet very difficult to move around from one place to another. Hence Joshi came up with the idea of building a museum where he could display his creativity.

Pataleshwar TemplesThe idea of a permanent museum, gave Joshi the license to freely experiment with his models and construct an entire miniature city to display them in full grandeur. There are about 1000 wires that help manage the city which features real looking flyovers, fences and signals. The city can be controlled manually as well as with the help of a computer. Almost every single component of the city has been carefully assembled and put together manually to ensure it looks perfect and as realistic as possible. The moment the power is turned ‘on’, the different train models start shuttling across the city.

The experience inside the Museum hall is one that people remember for a lifetime.

The miniature city comprises of about 6 platforms, announcement systems, fences, cranes, ghat sections, a circus, a business centre with hoardings, flash and neon lights, houses and a two lane highway with small cars plying along its length. The wide range of miniature railways include a rope railway, a high speed intercity express, an underground train, a local shuttle train, diesel engines, steam trains, a trolley bus, a Wuppertal hanging railway and a Funicular railway. Pataleshwar Temples Apart from the infrastructure, the city features over 2000 human figures displayed across the city. The museum also depicts the scene when the first train took off in India on 16th April 1853 with April showers, lightning effects and the sky shining bright with stars and planets.

Other than the city, Joshi Museum also offers a hobby session that can help you make your own scale models. In the session, you can learn how to construct tracks, coaches, wagons and aeroplanes. If you wish to build your own miniature city model, you can also take lessons on landscaping and buildings from the professionals at the museum.

The hobby session is conducted daily between 9am to 5pm.


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