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Dr Naushad Forbes

Naushad ForbesA professor at the Stanford University, USA and an astute businessman, young and unpretentious Dr Naushad Forbes is the director of one of the leading Steam Engineering & Control Instrumentation groups in the country. At Stanford, he teaches a course on Technology in Newly Industrialising Countries. With a Ph.D. in industrial engineering, he manages both teaching as well as contributing to the growth of Forbes Marshall remarkably well. With the Gores Award for Outstanding Teaching at Stanford already in his pocket, the multi-faceted Dr Forbes enjoys teaching very much. And about Forbes Marshall? "We see growth," Naushad predicts with unshakeable conviction. Naushad can forgive almost anything, "but if a person is not doing his best, then to me it is a big turn-off".
Lila Poonawalla

A recipient of the Padmashree award, Lila Poonawalla has been the chairperson of companies like Alfa Laval and the TetraPak. One of the first girls to have passed out from the mechanical branch of the College of Engineering, Pune, she has now been nominated to the scientific advisory committee to the Union Cabinet. The committee constitutes largely of government officials and CEOs of various institutes of technology including ISRO Satellite Centre, Institute of Plasma Research and the like. A lady with a lot of determination and ardour, Lila Poonawalla is the chairperson the Quality Circle Forum of India.


Mr. Yogendra Nath

Mr. Yogendra Nath has been a thorough TELCO man throughout his Mr. Yogendra Nath career of 34 years as an Engineer. After completing his Engineering degree from Delhi University in 1963 he went to Germany to study Tool Manufacture and Design.

He joined Telco in 196, in the Product Engineering Division, where he was responsible for setting up the Product Design Division. According to Mr. Nath, his tenure at the Division was full of action, where he over saw the design and launch of several vehicles.

In 1980, he became the Head of the Design Division where he was in charge and oversaw the introduction of the Tata 407 & 709 trucks. In the same period he also headed the Production Planning & Equipment Planning Divisions of Telco.

In 1990, he became the General Manager of the Telco Plant in Pune. In 1998, he became Vice President and saw the introduction of the Indica Car project.

On 1st of April, 2000 these two divisions of Telco were formed into a new company, namely, TELCO Automation which is a 100% subsidiary of Telco. Mr. Nath was the natural choice to head this new company.

In 1994, when the Mercedes Benz joint venture was started with Telco, he became a Director of the company. He held this position till 1998, when he resigned from this Joint Venture.

By Rahul Surkund


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