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Miracle of the Kamar Ali Durvesh Dargah


Faith and fingers can lift a 90 kg stone at Kamar Ali Durvesh Dargah

 Kamar Ali Durvesh DargahYou've heard this before "Faith can move mountains". At Khed Shivapur there is a twist to this age old saying: Eleven people, together with just their index fingers can lift a 90 kg stone, shouting in one breath "Kamar Ali Durvesh..." And the stone goes up 10 feet high, effortlessly, just like a flower. Or so, the believers claim. Mind you, the number has to be strictly eleven, not one more, not one less. And no one knows how this miracle happens.

Devotees offering flowers inside Khed Shivapur is a small village located 25 kms south of Pune, on the Pune-Bangalore highway. This village appears just like any other village except for the main lane, which ends at the Kamar Ali Durvesh Dargah. Many shops selling flowers, presents and photographs of the Dargah gives it a festive feel all round the year. Legend has that Hazrat Kamar Ali Durvesh, a seer who was known to help poor people, came from the north and chose to settle in Khed Shivapur more than 800 years ago. After his death, this Dargah was built on his tomb and has been known to possess its miraculous powers ever since.

A board inside the Dargah premises gives a brief history about the  Baba preparing to place the miracle place and Hazrat Kamar Ali. "Till the recent renovation of the Dargah there was a 60 kgs stone too, which could be lifted only by 9 people. Because of lack of space now, only the bigger stone remains," tells a baba who sits at the entrance of the Dargah.

Hundreds of people of all faiths and religions come here to offer flowers at the Dargah everyday. Most of the visitors make it a point to give it a try to lift this miraculous stone. But a single person would find it virtually impossible to lift the stone. "For that matter you'll never be able to lift the stone more than a feet high even if put hundred fingers. You need to have faith" clarifies the baba.

A devotee trying to lift the stoneBut what's all this miracle about? "Who knows what might be the divine intention behind this miracle?" says Shaikh Mohammad, who's been visiting this Dargah for the last 60 years. "But the legend says that Hazrat Kamar Ali trapped Shaitan in this stone and cursed it to be lifted up and thrown down every time, symbolizing the defeat of evil".

The Mujawar Family, who trace their lineage back to the times of Hazrat Kamar Ali maintains the Dargah. The Mujawars were hardworking people who renounced the worldly comforts to serve Hazrat Kamar Ali and poor people.

And the believers shout - "Kamar Ali Durvesh..."The place becomes a meeting ground for thousands of devotees during the Urs celebrations. If you are visiting Pune, make sure you have a trip to Khed Shivapur to witness this miracle. See it to believe it. Still better, lift the miracle stone to believe it.

Text & Photographs: Harikrishna

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